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Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:00am – 9:30am Camp Rally
9:30am -11:30am Learning Component
11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm – 1:30pm Book Club
1:30pm – 3:30pm Camp Activity
3:30pm – 4:00pm Camp Wrap Up

What's back?

Here at Math ETC Summer Program, you can expect to receive a quality well-crafted program that develops teamwork skills, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving, and caring environment. We provide students with fun learning opportunities that will not only stimulate their minds, but also encourage them to use their creativity. Those who attend summer here at Math ETC will also learn interpersonal skills such as communication and calming methods. Don't forget about the fun! Math ETC will be providing up to 12 field trips this summer including Smithsonian museums, Port Discovery, and so much more!


Expert Care

As a precautionary measure to protect all our camp goers and staff members, Math ETC will be requiring that all students attending are vaccinated against COVID-19 and are tested at least one week prior to their first day of the summer program. All staff working for the summer program are fully vaccinated and receive COVID tests on a consistent basis. The center is cleaned and sanitized weekly and as needed throughout the day. Students and staff will be required to wash and sanitize their hands upon entry and dismissal for the summer program to prevent the spread of germs.

Learning component

When you hear summer, most kids think of the fun and nothing more. This isn’t supposed to be so. Summer camps provide one of the best places to train your kids and develop on their formal learning. This is because learning is accelerated when it is blended with fun experiences. This is why MathETC isn’t just about fun and adventures in its summer camp. We are aware that classroom knowledges can be lost if not complemented and updated. We aim to avert this possibility with scheduled sessions of in-class learning which remind your kids of their grade syllabus and lessons.
With our in-class learning schedules, we aim to achieve a composed learning practice other than adventures, which develops important personality and career building skills in your kids. Also, we aim to develop kids’ confidence as they are made to present their ideas in front of peers. While we build conflict resolving skills among partakers of in-class learning in our summer camp, we also develop team spirits that help kids get along with others from different backgrounds, as we make them solve problems in unison as well as collaborate on projects and assignments. Learning team spirit this early could help them solve a lot of life issues eventually.

Field Trips

While in-class learning sorts your child to learning theories in our summer camp classrooms, our out-of-class learning system cements the lessons with practice. MathETC is aware of how self-practice and experience could improve memory and mastery of skills and lessons in kids. Thus, it created this system to create a resolve in kids that all that has been learnt are actually practicable. Our out-of-class learning has been structured to be engaging in such ways that they make in-class learning relevant whilst developing and nurturing kids’ creativity and imagination. We strive to accelerate learning via play and experimentation approach while also improving attendance, participation and reducing behavioral problems. We aim to expose kids to new learning opportunities for as many that are comfortable with the grasp of in-class learning, and we particularly develop kids’ interest in the environment and wider surrounding. Parents have testified to how out-of-class learning system have improved kids’ alertness, creativity and added depth to their imagination.

Science Experiments

Kids learn faster when they have fun doing it. One of the best ways to achieve this is via games, fun and adventure activities. Luckily, there are many of this in the kids’ education industry these days. Our summer camp is therefore incomplete without the incorporation of this special experience. We carefully prioritize strengthening kids’ cooperation and problem-solving skills with fun and adventure learning. Our array of games and adventure activities also increase kids’ self-esteem and confidence level. Our trainers are skilled enough to select different games, fun activities and adventures targeted at different developmental aims and objective for kids. They have stylized the use of games, puzzles, books and fun parks to provide kids with different perspective to solving problems and help them think outside of the box. Some games are meant to stretch kids’ understanding and personal limitations as well as communications. Meanwhile some of the activities under this structure teaches persistence, discipline and goal orientation. We are certainly providing the best learning opportunities directly and indirectly with the best clusters of games, funs and adventures.


About Us

Summer at Math ETC provides a quality well -crafted program that develops teamwork, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving environment.


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