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Welcome to 2023 Summer at Mathetc

With over a decade of experience working with students from over 75 different schools ranging from independent private schools to public charter schools in the state of Maryland, MathETC is considered an expert in academic support. Our summer camps are carefully crafted to provide learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

With our fast-changing world, raising a whole child requires a balanced approach to their well-being. We practice our 5 -pronged Approach to Whole Child

2023 Summer Goals

Wholistic approach to Growth



Students spend time listening, speaking and being present in a small group. The objective of Mindfulness is to ensure that students connect with their emotional self and have an opportunity to express their feelings and develop empathy for others

Physical Activity

Our students engage in fun indoor and outdoor activities to move their bodies. Adequate exercise is key to health. Some of the activities we engage in are: dance, musical chairs, handball, running, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer and more.

Artistic Expression

At Math ETC, we believe there is a hidden treasure in every child. We encourage every student to give expression to their artistic instincts through painting, coloring, knitting, computer programming, cooking, paper mache, slime creations etc

Intellectual Exploration

We teach math and reading skills that are age appropriate and encourage students to practice their skills until they attain 100% mastery. In our competitive global world, brain power is necessary for success.

Healthy Nutrition

We encourage students to develop heathy eating habits and provide nutritious snacks that keeps them refreshed and energized for their program. We ask students to bring their lunch. We are a nut and seafood free center

Field Trips

Learning happens inside and outside the classroom. We take our students on education field trips to improve their background knowledge and connect to their world.

Not just another summer camp that worries your kids with formal learning when a bit of break and fun is expected before they resume back to their grade schools. We are a kids’ grooming organization that have found a perfect mix of fun, games, adventures and learning to keep your kids occupied and refreshed with school lessons during summer breaks. We work with kids, their families and other organizations to ensure that students are motivated for lifelong learning experience via seamless approaches. We also offer support networks and kids collaboration on summer projects and adventures. We are able to achieve the best learning and fun experience for your kids with updated tools and events necessary to aid and encourage learning.

MathETC isn’t a newbie in the kids’ education and children development industry. We started little and we are particular impressed with how big we have grown. Parents and kids care organizations have trusted and saddled us with the rare opportunities of mentoring their kids during summer breaks. This has availed us great first-hand experiences working with and training kids from several cultures, languages and background. We have upgraded our classes yearly since the inception of our organization, and this has showered us with impressive testimonials from both kids and their families. Most of our enrollees can’t wait for the next summer camps to get back on board and team up with peers and ready-to-learn minds.

We are particularly famous for our unique and enriching age-based summer camp classification which help kids fit perfectly among peers to provide them optimum learning and fun experience. We innovate, improve our experiences and focus always on acquiring twenty-first century skills through fun hands-on activities. These and many more have attracted more kids and parents to us. The tremendous support we have enjoyed from kids and parents have significantly led to our astronomic growth over the years. Thus, we are not surprised to have been rated by many parents as a very interesting and impactful camp. Now, you’ve got to be a part of the family to share our incredible experience.

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About Us

Summer at Math ETC provides a quality well -crafted program that develops teamwork, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving environment.


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