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Since 2010…Math ETC has been devoted to helping students bridge the academic gap with learning programs inside and outside the classroom.

Our summer camp is carefully crafted with themes that build background knowledge in all areas of life. Our goal is to provide a wholistic experience that challenges the students to grow in all aspects of their life: intellectual, character, sports, arts. The camp experience provides every student an opportunity to meet new people, enriching their experience and network. Serving over 75 students we strive for an academic standard that is global in its approach allowing students to transport their knowledge to most fields of life.

Summer at Math ETC provides a quality well -crafted program that develops teamwork, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving environment.

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Session 1
Are you ready for some fun in the deep blue sea? Come explore
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Session 2
Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the jungle! Learn about it
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Session 3
To infinity and beyond! What exactly is ‘beyond’? Find out
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Session 4
Do you know how to kick a soccer ball or shoot some hoop?
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Session 5
Can you sing or dance? Create some music with us! Get groovy
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Math etc summer camp

Summer camp is a program for children or teens during summer months in many countries. Children and adolescents are called campers.

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MathETC always has something special for you and your kids. Thus, we have created this platform to update you with special news, events and exciting offers from our coffers. Our direct collaboration with kids and their parents over the years is responsible for the greatness we have achieved this day. We are therefore interested in building on these realities to even greater heights. Thus, we seek that you are glued to our blogs to keep yourself abreast of our very best offers as always. On this end, you can learn how to continue grooming your kids with creative fun, games and adventure approaches outside of summer camps. We will equally keep you posted always with the best learning tools, tricks and tips to deal with your kids and make them enjoy you like in our summer camp among other valuable information. You can also subscribe for our newsletter for more.


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Summer at Math ETC provides a quality well -crafted program that develops teamwork, character, and growth while having fun in a safe, loving environment.


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